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« Ai em parlamentari europei! Aim mai uaif! »
(Clemente Mastella alla polizia berlinese che strattonava sua moglie)
« Ai em italian parlament, che cazzo vuò! »
(Clemente Mastella su come farsi riconoscere anche in Europa)
« Ai considerers dès dè flèg of United Stèits... nosònli e flèg of e caunfri, bàs is e iùniversal messège ov frìdom ev... dimocrasi »
(Silvio Berlusconi su "Come leccare il culo e rendersi ridicoli contemporaneamente")
« Thank you sir, his english is very good. »
(George Bush risponde a Berlusconi)
« Plis visit uèb sait. Bat plis visit olso Itali! »
(Francesco Rutelli su
« Laif is nau! »
(Francesco Totti su inglisc linguagg)
« SHISH! »
« L'inglese è una lingua inutile! »

The Inglisc is a lingua of the abitants of Inghilterra, det vui coll inghilterrosi.

En Inglisc ticiar.


Com' is the inglisc linguagg?
The linguagg nasc niar 1555 bai regin of Inghilterra, uen de regin is travel tu Roma, end shi is persa on the principal strit of metropoli.
Shi chies' at uan passant: "'scusem sir, dov'im troving nau?"
The rispost is very famosa, it's pressappoc' this: "You are troving vicin'at Colosseo!"
After the return in land of Albione, the regin created the regole grammaticali of inglisc languag.

Inglisc modern

Anader ticer ov inglisc.

The inglisc modern is a simile version of the ancent idioma, but is more semplice, because the mix of linguagg' out of Inghilterra.
It's usato in oll over the Terra by the stati of:


The regol of Inglisc is very semplich.
The articol of phrase is at iniz of text.
To make parol plural iu need to aggiung an ess to the end of parol.
Most parols are istess of Italian but with one letter in men.


Second somuan the use ov de inglisc lenguag is index ov moderniti end rappresent an ottim cultural level. Soprattutt in de intern ov the companies, where the dirigents end his leccapied assign inglisc name at evriting: progets, industrial pian end strategis. De follou ixempol shou how the older italian words end fraisis become better and more modern wit de ius ov de inglisc:

Old Italian uord or fraisis, Inglisc modern verscion

divinità contornata di leccapiedi, Sait menager

Supporto a utenti rincoglioniti, Castomer cheir

Inutili puttanate con cui i capi si fanno belli, Targhets

informazioni false agli azionisti, Investor relescions

Zoccola sotto la scrivania, Praivat servant

Licenziamenti indiscriminati, Industrial Plan

Affitto di schiavi, Bodi rental

In entrata, Inbound

In uscita, Outbound

Use of fras tipich

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Generic frases

Tè inglisc cost more tan tè spanisch.

De pen is on de teibol.
De cat is ander de teibol.
De bicc is in de bed.
London Brigg is folling daun, folling daun, folling daun.
Uozz ior neim?
Au vezz' are you?
Ai fac iu.
Ar iu activ or passiv?
Ev you a isi sister?
Eh? Escus'me Ai no ev capit, uot's hai dit?
Ciù is megl che one!
Bat uot cazz du iu uont?
Mader fakkkkker!!!
STFU! (Sciat de fac ap!)
GTFO! (Ghet de fac aut!)
WTF!? (Vuat de fac!?)
Cazz you diss?
I dont sach che ora ich il mio watch is scassadich

At the ristorant

De pen is on de teibol.
Chen i aver a pizza with prosciutt' and fungh?
The pizza is on the tavolo, near al mandolino.
Waiter, there is a mosca in my minestron. Can you cambia me the piatto?
The count please!
Son seventy sterline Sir.
Che'cazz! You are a ladr!
If you don't pagh, i chiam the police
I prefer to lav the piath in the kucin che to pay the count!
To lav piath is not sufficient, you dev to pel the patatoes anch!
Perfect, aill facc' it anch!
Bat wui dont abbiam' pelapotatoes, so, fall'it with di unghie
Ok, ai hev cambiato mai pensie', so ai'll pei ^^
Cazz you diss?
I diss che i ken pei you!
Ah ok... son seventy sterline ser!
Ma porc trojan... e goes good... tien it!

At the tiater

De pen is on de teibol.
Who is the cantant lyrycs tonight?
It's the verament famos' Enrico Pallazzo, the italian cantant lyrycs.
Allor two tickets please, one for me and one for my mogl.
Honey, where is the librett' of opera?
You are sedut propr on top
Tonight the tenore is very stonat, probably have mal di gol

Ol de inglisc that ascolt Devid Ghetta pens that l'ov is gon.

Other frases indispensable

De pen is on de teibol.
Mai neim is Bob. Ar iu stupid? Mi tu.
Hau mach is it long?
Hau cost quel thing very long
Ai have not l'AIDS... forsh
Ar iu a zoccol?
Sara sta uindou, che fa fresch
That god taxi driver (Che Dio t'assista)
Der is a bukkiner ( C' è un libro in aria)
Ov cours (Di corsa)
De pen is on de teibol
Giast du it!

End nau a biutiful stori

The ver stor of Red Cappuccett

The lup is adesching Red Cappuccet.

Tant ma tant temp ago, ce stava 'na little Red Cappuccet. One mattin her mamma dissed: "Dear Cappuccet, take this cest to the nonn but warning to the lup that is very ma very kattiv! And torn prest! Good luck! And in boc at the lup!". Cappuccet didn't capl very well this ultim thing but went away, da sol, with the cest.
Cammining cammining, in the cuor of the forest, at a cert punt she incontered the lup, who dissed: "Hi! Piccula piezz'e girl! 'Ndove do you go?". "To the nonn with this little cest, which is little but it is full of a sacc of chocolate and biscots and panetons and more, more, more and mirtills" she dissed. "Ah, mannagg 'a maruschella (maybe an expression com: what a cul that I had)" dissed the lup, with a fium of saliv out of the bocc. And so the lup dissed: "Beh, now I dev andar because the telephonin is squilling, sorry." And the lup went away, but not very away, but to the nonn's house.
Red Cappuccet, who was very ma very lent, lent un casin, continued for her sentier in the forest. The lup arrived at the house, suoned the campanel, entered, and, after saluting the nonn, magned her in a boccon. Then, after sputing the dentier, he indossed the ridicol night berret and fikked himself in the let. When Red Cappuccet came to the fint nonn's house, suoned and entered. But when the little and a bit stupid girl saw the nonn (non was the nonn, but the lup, ricord!) dissed: "But nonn, why do you stay in let?" And the nonn-lup: "Oh, I've stort my cavigl doing aerobics!" . "Oh, poor nonn!", said Cappuccet (she was more than a bit stupid, I think, wasn't she?).
Then she dissed :"But... what big okks do you have? Do you bisogn some collir?" . "Oh no! It's for see you better, my dear (stupid) little girl" dissed the nonn-lup. Then Cappuccet, who was more dur then a block of marm: "But what big oreks do you have, do you have the orekkions?" And the nonn-lup: "Oh no! It is to ascolt you better(this girl is very rincoglionited)", said: "But what big dents do you have!". And the lup at this point dissed: "It is to magn you better!" and magned really tutt quant the poor little red girl.
But out of the house a simpatic, curious and innocent cacciator of frodo (maybe a city near there) sented all and dissed: "Accident! A lup! Its pellicc vals a sac of solds." And so, spinted only for the compassion for the little girl, butted a terr te kils of volps, fringuells and conigls the he had ammazzed till that moment, imbracced the fucil, entered in the stanz and killed the lup. Then squarced his panz (being attent not to rovin the pellicc) and tired fora the nonn (still viv) and Cappuccet (still rincoglionited). And so, at the end, the cacciator of frodo vended the pellicc and guadegned (Honestly) a sacc of solds. The nonn magned tutt the leccornies in the cest.
Red Cappuccet... beh! Let her stay, because she had capit.
And so, everybody lived felix and content (maybe not the lup!).

Other Proggects

Matteo Renzi mentre spìck inglisc veri gùd.

Other Voiches

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