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Monaco Skin[edit]

Messaggio lasciato su alcune cugine:

Hi, I’m a user of Nonciclopedia, the Italian version of Uncy. I’d like to know if you already heard about the new skin Wikia’s going to set - I mean the Monaco one - and if yes, what do you think about it. We don’t accept this change, as far as Nonciclopedia (as well as other foreign Uncyclopedias) is a Wikipedia parody, so it should achieve as much resemblance to the original as possible, but with Monaco skin it’s not practicable. So we require your support for having set again Monobook skin from Wiki: the most of registered users won’t go on with cooperating on these terms and Nonciclopedia may be over. Then, your help might avoid you to be subjected to the same treatment. Please answer here: We thank you, Nonciclopedia’s community

Note from Angela: This was sent only to the Italian Uncyclopedia admins since it is a change that only affects this wiki and not other editions. Please note the skin has now been set to a monobook look and feel which you can see if you reload your cache of this style sheet. Angela<staff /> (talk) 00:17, dic 1, 2009 (CET)

Read the mail correspondance between Angela Besley and Nonciclopedia community

{| style="width:100%; padding:2px; text-align:center; border:1px dotted gray; background-color:#ffccd2;"

|style="text-align:justify; color:#484848;"| from Angela Besley

Hi Nonciclopedia admins,

I'm sending this to all active Nonciclopedia admins that have an email address set. I want to let you know about a change coming on Nonciclopedia soon.

The default skin for unregistered users will be set to monaco. Please note this will NOT affect you because you already have monobook set in your preferences.

It will only affect unregistered users. They can log in and change their skin if they want to.

Wikia has developed a lot of new features which only appear in the monaco skin. Many of these are aimed at new users who have not yet registered. So, to see them, they need to see the site in monaco. It also ensures that users can see better quality ads rather than the old ads left on the monobook skin. If people log in and choose monaco, they will not see any ads at all except one on the home page. Everyone will still have the choice of monobook if they want that.

Please email me if you have any concerns about this change.

Angela |}

from Nonciclopedia

Hi Angela,

Nonciclopedia's community does not understand the perseverance in changing the skin of our website. Last year we had already managed not to change Monobook skin and we would like to go on this way - at least until Wikipedia will set Monaco skin too... if ever...

We remind you that Nonciclopedia was born as a Wikipedia parody, and that means we need to achieve as much resemblance to the original as we can; Monaco skin obviously prevents the parody from working.

Moreover, we do not need a lot of new features of Monaco skin (such as Blog, Video and so on) even if some other would be useful (in Monobook skin, of course).

Many unregistered as well as registered users have already complained about this change. For all these reasons we hope that you will understand and will set again Monobook skin as default, just as we agreed to do past year.

We thank you and look forward to your answer, Nonciclopedia's community

from Angela Besley

Thanks for your reply.

Wikipedia is soon going to switch to a new skin. You can see a preview of it on and we're working on making a monaco version of this so that it will look similar.

You are welcome to encourage users to log in and change their own settings if they want to see the old monobook skin. I'm sorry that this change has to be made. I hope we can find a good compromise where the site is still obviously a parody of Wikipedia whilst not disadvantaging new users with an out of date skin. The skin change is beneficial to new users, but also to your community as it leads to many new people signing up and becoming editors, which will help to keep Nonciclopedia healthy.

The skin does not force you to use the new features such as videos or blogs and these can easily be removed by editing the sidebar.

Remember that any registered user can switch to the old skin very easily in their preferences.

Kind regards,

Angela Beesley

From Uncyclopedia[edit]

This is in response to a forum page that was left on Uncyclopedia about the Monaco skin and advertisements. Since Wikia introduced the Monaco skin and pretty much told all the websites to suck a fat dick, Uncyclopedia has created a default skin which is modeled after Monobook (the old skin). For more information see this link about how to possibly do this. As for ads, we recommend users install a browser add-on which blocks advertisements to their web broswers such as AdBlock Plus. You should be warned that these add-ons may not be compatible with computers in Italy because the country's boot-shape is not conducive to proper internet connection. To remedy this, we recommend you wear a large hat while attempting to install. Hope this helps. -- EMC from Uncyclopedia

(translation by my friend, hopefully it sounds alright)

I've deleted the translation, because your italian was less understandable than the cinese below.
However, we know that we can "hack" the skin and use AdBlock... but this isn't a solution, it's only a way to trick the problem. Moreover, if Staff is so stubborn to propose another time the Monaco, means that they'll remove all tipes of hacks... otherwise, what's the reason for the change? It's nonsense.
And i use Internet Explorer 5. It's the only that poors italians can afford. Sì --Zaza; (eh?) 17:36, nov 29, 2009 (CET)

This is the translation: Questo è la pagina di foro che era su Uncyclopedia riguardo alla skin Monaco e gli annunci pubblicitari. Poiché Wikia ha introdotto la Monaco e ha detto a pressoché tutti i siti web di succhiarle il cazzo, Uncyclopedia ha creato una skin predefinita, basata sul Monobook (la vecchia skin). Per maggiori informazioni guardate qui. Quanto agli annunci, si consiglia agli utenti di installare un add-on del browser che blocca degli annunci pubblicitari come AdBlock Plus. Dovreste essere avvertiti che questi add-on non potrebbero essere compatibili con i computer in Italia perché la forma del paese a stivale non è di aiuto al normale collegamento di internet. Per rimediare questo, vi raccomandiamo di indossare un grande cappello mentre tentate di installarli. Sperando che questo aiuta. --Zenzozenzo 17:38, nov 29, 2009 (CET)ver


Hi. I'm from French uncyc. We didn't hear anything about that skin change yet. When Wikia switched to Monaco last year, they pretended they wouldn't do it on uncycs because we are supposed to be a parody of wikipedia. I guess they changed their minds. The only reason I can see is that the new skin allows to put more (and more efficient) advertising. That's also in my opinion why they won't change the skin on en.uncyc: they cannot put ads there because the license doesn't allow commercial use. --ΠR K(discussion) 22:44, nov 29, 2009 (CET)

Which license do you mean? --! Puzza87 Papocchio.png ( Cazzo vuoi? ) 23:26, nov 29, 2009 (CET)ver
CC-BY-NC-SA. en.uncyc is the only Wikia wiki with that license. -- 23:52, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Dear beyond-alps-cousin, you're right. Also for me the only reason it's money!
For what concern Uncy, i think that yours it's an unexceptionable theory. (...only a theory or you've asked uncyclopedians?)
CCbyncsa... where can we buy one? Mumblo --Zaza; (eh?) 01:00, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
The French Désencyclopédie did not hear about it because it is only a change for the Italian edition. Angela<staff /> (talk) 00:10, dic 1, 2009 (CET)

中文伪基百科的回复 (Chinese Uncyclopedia)[edit]

在此中文伪基百科(zh)表示支持你们的立场。--黑底屍☎找我☎) 17:11, nov 29, 2009 (CET)

現在我們只是一封電子郵件抗議 Wikia的,我們的部分(偽基百科只)。我們仍在等待答复,但我們會告訴您。希望不必使用武力。感謝您的支持。
如果可以,用英語,以便更好地了解,謝謝。--Zaza; (eh?) 18:02, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
(Here is the English translation from another Chinese Uncyclopedia administrator. Sorry that not many administrators from Chinese Uncyclopedia that understand English, and I am one of them that understands English. For further contacts you may leave messages as usual, but better notify me by email, since I am now a semi-retired administrator and don't have time to visit the site often.)
We Chinese Uncyclopedia have faced the same unreasonble request (from Wikia), and rejected them with the same reason as yours. Although our rejection may face technological boycott and revenge from Wikia, we would like to unite various Uncyclopediae to object with Wikia for this hegemonic request. We Chinese Uncyclopedia will stand at your side.--Leeyc0 13:15, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
When have you rejected the request? Recently?
However, now i've added our correspondence with Angela. Take a look. --Zaza; (eh?) 15:53, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
I am asking the other admins for this, since I mainly serve as a contact point for Chinese Uncyclopedia and seldom participate in daily operation. --Leeyc0 16:25, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
Just confirmed, this request was made by KaurJmeb while she still worked in Wikia more than 1 year ago. (KaurJmeb was the only Chinese in Wikia, and resigned in Oct 2008. I took this posision as a cotact point for Chinese Uncyclopedua because of her resignation, because no one in Wikia understands Chinese.) She respects the position of Uncyclopedia and we rejected her request without much difficulties. --Leeyc0 14:10, dic 1, 2009 (CET)
Ok, thank you for this information. Yesterday, after a little discussion, Angela re-set monobook. We hope that this situation persist.
However, as you can see, Angela said that the change will affect only us, Nonciclopedia. --Zaza; (eh?) 14:20, dic 1, 2009 (CET)


On behalf of Absurdopedia I say we don't want Monaco Skin at all. It is not translated properly. Praet. 17:09, nov 29, 2009 (CET)

Only for this reason? Aren't you interested in the graphic side? --Zaza; (eh?) 17:53, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
We discussed that in May. Monaco Skin is odd and nonstandard. But the translation is also important: we've already been the object of mockery for using untranslated Monaco. Praet. 18:42, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Ok, i've understand.
We've discussed yet this problem too... but last year, on June 2008! And Wikia Staff mantained the monobook after some complaints. Now we don't comprehend the reason of this new imposition for the second time and we've sent an email to Staff and waiting for an answer...
But, you saw that staff set Monaco in May 2009... so, have you Monaco since May? Have you send a mail to staff that time?
(...don't worry for english, mine is bad too... Wink ) --Zaza; (eh?) 19:14, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
We have Monobook as default. There were some troubles in May, when Monaco was set. But we haven't even sent an email. For now we still have Monobook as default. Praet. 20:28, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Is Monobook default also for anonymous? Have you received mails from staff?
Perhaps the Staff is making a gradual upgrade for all un-wikis. We've received a mail from Angela on 27 november that announced this quickly change. We haven't not even the time to answer, before they set to Monaco.
Now we have Monaco for anonymous and Monobook for registered. --Zaza; (eh?) 21:10, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Oh. Definitely. Maybe Monaco is default for anonymous: there must be a reason of mockery. We haven't received anything from staff, though. (By the way, how did you in Nonciclopedia switch the default time to CET? It's a matter of life and death for us: we want MSD as default.) Praet. 23:29, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
The reason, in my opinion, is one: much money with monaco ads. However, contact us if Staff contact you about Monaco.
For what concern the time, we've simply ask to staff to set CET. Wink --Zaza; (eh?) 01:12, nov 30, 2009 (CET)

Necyklopedie (Czech uncy)[edit]

HI, I'm an admin oof czech uncyklopedia. We have never heard anything about new styles, but i have read [1] that everyone can choose in registration which style of wikia to use. Nowhere is written that new style Monaco will replace th older monobook. Do you have any other informations? --Vygoš 20:31, nov 29, 2009 (CET)

Hi Vygoš.
As I've just saw to our russian "coworker", this is the second time that Wikia try to set Monaco. On first time, many un-wikis, complained with staff and bringed them to leave Monobook to all un-wikies, while other "normal" wikia wikis were set to Monaco.
Perhaps you don't know this fact because that time the problem was solved quite quickly. As you see, we have sent a message trought many un-wikis (as yours) for ask if Staff had contact them. --Zaza; (eh?) 21:10, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Ok, but I can only say that nobody from Staff had contacted us about this problem, I think I can speak for all admins of our necy when I say that we surely want to have Monobook skin, but we have it as default for everyone and we have no problem with it.--Vygoš 23:06, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
I've just looked into options of Nociclopedia, adn there is written: The admins for this wiki have not chosen a default skin. Using the Wikia default: Monaco. So I suppose you can arrange the default skin with Wikia staff. --Vygoš 23:12, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
Interesting... thank you very much! If things change let us know it! Bye --! Puzza87 Papocchio.png ( Cazzo vuoi? ) 23:22, nov 29, 2009 (CET)ver
Vygos, Monaco skin was set on russian Uncy some months ago; now Wikia's set it also on our website, so probably they're going to set it on your Uncy too, maybe in some months, we don't know it. --DidoneNon sei degno 23:35, nov 29, 2009 (CET)
No, Vygos, we can't set Monobook as default. Simply, because there isn't a "Monobook" option in the menù. It's only between user preferences... Proprio così --Zaza; (eh?) 00:31, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
Well, then, I afraid, I can't help you now...but if you will need any support from us, let us know. --Vygoš 14:54, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
Ok, thanks. Now i've added the mail correspondence with Angela. --Zaza; (eh?) 15:40, nov 30, 2009 (CET)

Nonsensopedia (pol)[edit]

Hi! It's settled, we won't accept this kind of change as well.

Hi, have you received some kind of communication from the staff? --Zaza; (eh?) 12:47, nov 30, 2009 (CET)
Well, it seems so.
Are you sure? Read the message from Angela, on the top. She said that was a change only for Nonciclopedia. --Zaza; (eh?) 15:41, dic 8, 2009 (CET)

Neciklopedio (esperanto)[edit]

Speaking as one of the few currently active users of Neciklopedio, I don't fully understand the technical aspects, but I agree that the Uncyclopedias, being parodies of Wikipedias, need to resemble them. Changes which lessen that resemblance would make Uncyclopedias less attractive both to readers and to contributors. Kalidosa 01:52, dic 4, 2009 (CET)

Thank you, Kalidosa, but you can be quiet. Angela said that (for the moment?) was only a change for us, Nonciclopedia. --Zaza; (eh?) 03:33, dic 4, 2009 (CET)


Perhaps you could consider switching to .org. No Monaco skin, no people making money off of your work, and no discussions over Wikia's decisions. The Uncyclomedia Foundation would be happy to help you in a switch. Lars863 from the Oncyclopedia | 21:16, lug 29, 2010 (CEST)

Changing the interwiki map[edit]


The community of Absurdopedia (that's Russian Uncy) has decided to leave Wikia and to move to an independent server. Unfortunately, the Staff turned down our request for changing interlanguage links for every Uncy on Wikia. Therefore we ask every large Uncy on Wikia to request the changing directly from Wikia Staff. The fact is they can't turn down a simultaneous request from five large Uncys.

The message is also sent to English, French, Spanish and Polish Uncys.

en:Praetorian 12:21, ott 9, 2010 (CEST)